Swimovate is an exciting new company founded in November 2007 by triathletes in the United Kingdom, developing innovative, affordable electronic training products for sports. They may be small but they have sold tens of thousands of watches all over the world and made a difference to the lifes of many, many swimmers.


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Swimovate Poolmate See details
Swimovate Poolmate
The PoolMate is an automatic Swimming Computer. Simply press the Start button and begin to swim.
No forgetting your lap count!
No pressing buttons at the end of each lap!

£64.99 (save 7% - SSP: £69.99)
SSP: £69.99 save 7%
Inclusive of VAT 20% ( £10.83 )
Swimovate Poolmate Pro See details
Swimovate Poolmate Pro

The Pool-Mate Pro is the latest addition to the award winning Swimovate range of computers. As well as automatically counting your laps and strokes and calculating your speed, distance, calories and efficiency and displaying on the watch, the Pro will download all this data effortlessly to your PC or Mac so you can analyse your progress!

£77.14 (save 30% - SSP: £110.00)
SSP: £110.00 save 30%
Inclusive of VAT 20% ( £12.86 )
Swimovate Poolmate Shampoo See details
Swimovate Poolmate Shampoo

As regular swimmers we found our hair getting coarse and dry from the pool. We had trouble finding a product to help, so we decided to make our own! We researched the best chlorine binding agents including healing aloe vera extract and sodium thiosulphate and added moisturing coconut oil and Pantenol Pro Vitamin B5 to nourish and protect.

£5.75 (save 4% - SSP: £5.99)
SSP: £5.99 save 4%
Inclusive of VAT 20% ( £0.96 )
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