1st September 2014 Edmonton Grand Final

1st September 2014
Edmonton Grand Final

I had a really poor race in Edmonton, 8 days ago I had one of the best performances of my career to date in Stockholm, then in those 8 days I picked up a stomach bug and was not well for 6 days.  I got it together the day before the race but it was obvious as the race progressed onto the bike section I was really under power.

I travelled from Stockholm to Edmonton on decent timed flights, but if had 2 nights disrupted sleep and ate something that wasn’t agreeing with my body.  I got to Edmonton on the Tuesday and felt fairly broken, I did everything possible to pull myself out of the hole I was in, but I just needed 1-2 more days to recover to do myself any justice.


I felt good on the morning of the race and believed I was ready to race well, warm ups were good and I had all the pre race nerves.  Again as has been customary this season I had a poor swim, exiting the water half way down the field but still safely in the main chase bunch.  I felt physically ok on the swim, but then onto the bike and bang it hit me, there was absolutely nothing in my legs, I couldn’t even hold the wheels of the guys around me and got well and truly dropped going up the first hill.  From there I struggled for the rest of the race in chase groups, loosing time on every lap.  I ran like a donkey, compared to just 8 days ago when I ran my fastest split ever for a sprint triathlon, Edmonton was fairly sickening.

Oh well it’s only racing and it was was one bad race from 7 solid races in a row and it was from a stomach bug as opposed to any sort of underlying fitness/tactical/ability issues.

I’m on route to Denver, Colorado for a 1 month training camp.  I have a Super Sprint triathlon in Las Vegas, then I have 2 or 3 World Cup races to finish the season off in Mexico, Columbia and Korea.  Looking forward to getting my head down and stuck into a good block of training and finish the season on a high.

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23 Aug 2014 26th Stockholm WTS

23 Aug 2014
26th Stockholm WTS

At present I’m on a plane 35,000ft above Newfoundland on route to Edmonton, Canada for the WTS Grand Final. Today my day is 30hrs long as I’m travelling west, when I touch down in Edmonton the key is to get right into proper sleep patterns, so I’ll be saying up 6hrs longer than last night.

I travelled from Stockholm and I had a 15hr stopover in Iceland last night, didn’t get to see much of it, but I did see a lot of rain and volcanic ash and it’s a cold spot.  Most of the guys who raced WTS Stockholm and on route to the Grand Final in Edmonton.  My body is still a bit mangled after the Stockholm race and I’m a tad run down, so I was a wee bit envious of Sexton, Reiderer and Gomez who turned left getting onto the plane (Business Class).

So Stockholm WTS was a fantastic, a real hard sprint distance race.  Swim was cold and very choppy, bike was technical with decent cobble stones and course was narrow and greasy, a lot of guys were crashing.  And the run was fast though it did have one decent hill and a few cobble stones.

I had a fairly average race, I made a few mistakes tactically.  I went too wide round the turn buoys avoiding the congestion but swimming a lot further than necessary.  I let a few wheels go on the bike because I wasn’t strong enough to bridge the gaps after guys around me crashed and missed the lead pack marginally, it was the best field of athletes I’ve raced with 9 of the top 10 guys in the world there.  I ran my fastest ever 5km in Stockholm with 15mins flat, though I blew up with 200m to go.

Over the next few days hopefully I’ll freshen up in Edmonton and have a good crack at my Grand Final debut.



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The Speyside Way Ultra (36.5 miles) by Steve Pascale Jones

The Speyside Way Ultra (36.5 miles)

Och aye, hoots, frrreeeeeeddoooooommm and all that from Bonnie Scotland!

Earlier this year I was browsing for some more Ultra races when I came across the Speyside Way Ultra. This particular race jumped out at me because between the ages of about 9 and 15 I used to holiday in in the Moray/Speyside area with my parents and family at least three times a year so I know it fairly well. When I saw this race was on I entered immediately. By complete coincidence entries had literally JUST opened and I was only the second person to enter the race.

SWU is a trail Ultra and is a dangerously long 36.5 miles. Why do I say dangerous? Well I don’t mean that it is hazardous in any way, the course is pretty safe. More so that when you are running 50, 75 or 100 miles if something goes wrong at the 30 mile point you still so long time left that you can pull back time, run off niggles etc. 36.5 miles is ‘just’ 10 miles longer than a marathon so can attract some awesome marathon runners, but the most dangerous thing when considering a 36.5 mile race is being in the ‘Well it’s half the distance of the Great Glen Ultra, so it should be easy enough’ mindset. I can assure you that 36.5miles is still a F***ING LONG WAY!!!

When you set out to run 70 miles, it is all about pacing, and I mean REALLY pacing yourself. With a 36.5 mile race there is a very real temptation to think ‘Well I can do XX:XX:XX for a marathon and I can do XX:XX:XX for 10 miles and add them together and that’s what you might just be able to do if you had an amazing race. The reality is a marathon is VERY, VERY hard. To add an extra 10 miles on and run to try to continue running at full marathon intensity, off-road, on terrain with 1000ft climbs would destroy any runner. Conversely must ‘serious’ Ultra runners will be looking at their main races being 50, 75 or even 100 miles (there was even a 184 mile race on this weekend!!) and the pacing and fuelling for these races is completely different again. Try to run a 36.5 mile race at 70mile pace and you certainly won’t be drinking Champagne that night (maybe Lidl’s sparkly wine might be more appropriate).

So, Mr Smarty-Pants Pascale-Jones, how do you run a 36.5 mile race well? Well, probably the best way is to work out the best pace or heart rate (or even power output if you have that level of tech available) and run at that level. OR; the simplest way is probably to run the first 10 miles at a warm up pace and then try and run a flat out marathon.

So, how did I do it on the day?

EXACTLY as you would expect. By doing completely the OPPOSITE of what I would recommend!!!! Racing,eh!!!??

I’ll go back to the start before I get into the race details. The SWU race takes place over 36.5 miles (58.8km) from Ballindalloch to Buckie on the Morayshire coast. The terrain is predominantly trail with just a couple of short road sections thrown in towards the end.

Race registration took place at Buckie Community College at 6.30am. As Buckie is about 80 miles from where I live my lovely sister, Louise, and top brother-in-law, Stuart kindly volunteered to be my support crew/cheerleaders for the day. The poor things got up at 3am (yes, really) to drive to my house and pick me up just after 4.30am. They arrived just as I was prepping my feet for the coming miles and had a quick espresso (surely the only kind of espresso?) whilst waiting for me to have some breaky (oats and yoghurt, pancakes and golden syrup, 2x espresso’s). All fuelled up and off we went.

The drive to Buckie passed without incident and we arrived at the college. I registered and left my two drop bags for the checkpoints at 12 and 24 miles. Almost straight away I bumped into Richard, from Leeds, who was a runner I met at the Great Glen Ultra. Richard, Louise, Stuart and I had a nice chat, then it was off to the start.

Two buses left Buckie to drive the 97 runners down the road to Ballindalloch. This was a nice relaxing hour for us to all take in Malt Whisky country, Highland Cows and the beautiful River Spey. I loaded up on my the last of my US-Strength formula Gatorade so that I was adequately fuelled and hydrated for the miles ahead and had a chat with some of the other runners. As usual, nerves were in the air, I could taste them! Or was that the toilet on the coach? Hmm.

Anyway, we disembarked (I love that word; had to use it as I don’t think there is any other context in which it can be used, it’s so much better than ‘got off’) the coach and milled about doing the usual nervy runner things of endlessly adjusting clothing, repacking race packs and queuing for the Portaloo’s even if we didn’t need them! There was also the nice touch of McToot the Piper greeting us on arrival.

The race organisers were spot on and didn’t keep us waiting long. We were ushered onto the start of the trail, given a quick “5,4,3,2,1, Go!” and that was it.

I started more-or-less where I expected to finish about a quarter of the way from the front. About a dozen guys started really quickly to open a gap straight away. I started hard myself, running at about 170bpm from the start, much higher than the 158-162 level I was looking to stay at. Never mind, I was shifting so getting some ‘time in the bank’ as it were.

The start of the trail was flat but VERY narrow and recent rains had turned into 50% bog, 40% ice rink and only 10% firm ground. Still, conditions are the same for everyone.

I was quickly joined by the awesome runner Sophie Mullins who I had followed on Twitter just the day before and she recognised my Racetime Events kit. I confessed that I had maybe started a bit too hard really and commented that she was going well. Sophie told me this was her first Ultra and that she was going for the win!!! Well I know she is a 3:02 marathon runner (compared to my PB of 3:50) but such spunk and chutzpah were to be admired!! Her tactic of start hard and get out of range were the order of the day. ‘Right’, I said, ‘Let’s work together.’ I offered my services as a domestique for as long as I could and we worked well together, going through the first 8 miles (12.88km) in 59m31s. I managed to pace Sophie for one more mile but then dropped back to concentrate on my own, slower, race.

By the time I settled back into my rhythm I was coming towards the first checkpoint (CP1) at Craigellachie, one of my favourite places from family holidays of yesteryear. Just as I neared the CP I started getting some cheers and it took a few seconds for me to cotton on that Louise and Stuart had found their way onto the course and had spotted me. They informed me that I was ‘About 8th place’ which came as a big surprise really. I grabbed my food and rounded the corner onto the first big climb of the day. I took the opportunity to replace some lost calories by hiking up the hill whilst eating some energy bar and trail mix. About a third of the way up I got passed by a couple of runners who must have started slower and chosen to attack the climb, including the second placed lady.

The first part of the race had been almost all flat but now the course veered away from the river a bit and the next 12 miles or so were fairly hilly. Fairly hilly in this case means a couple of climbs to 920ft and 570ft. Once these were dispatched though it was downhill/flat all the way to the finish. Other than losing a couple more places as I tried to even out my effort, things were pretty uneventful. I paced myself and took in nutrition as and when I felt like it. CP2 arrived and, whist I knew I had lost a few places, there were LOADS of drop bags left so I knew I wouldn’t be last at least. I took on some more water, thanked the marshal and carried on. I passed quite few people doing a charity walk and received a few cheers and words of encouragement which was nice.

The River Spey reappeared on my left hand side and suddenly I could see it opening out into the sea. It was beautiful. At this point I turned right and the rest of the course followed the coast eastwards, through Spey Bay, Portgordon and onto the finish in Buckie. I got to Spey Bay where there was a water stop and LouNStu were there again cheering me on which was so nice :-) I paused for some water, a hug and a photo and carried on. A brief section of road then led onto a really nice piece of trail that rolled and ebbed and flowed over rocks and roots and sand and stones and it really seemed to aid momentum. The smell of salt in the air was lovely too. When this bit finished it opened out onto an exposed piece of coastal path. I looked at my watch. 1:59pm. It was due to rain at 2pm. 2pm ticked over and it immediately started to hammer it down! Well done Met Office!

I didn’t care though and the cool rain was refreshing to me. I cut through Portgordon and as I crossed a road I slowed a black Peugeot down a fair bit. It pulled up alongside me and it was LouNStu again!! “Meet you at the finish” they said. So I pressed on along the seafront, half jogging, half walking. One of the hardest things in Ultra’s is the lack of information and I didn’t know if it was 400m or 4 miles to the finish, so I just kept to a steady pace enjoying the scenery. Eventually I started seeing a couple of runners who had passed me who had just finished. They encouraged me a bit and I rounded a corner up a slight hill to the finishing straight, crossing the fine in 5:34:08. Pre-race I had worked on a time of 5:30-6:00 so was generally happy. Knowing the course now and how relatively fresh I was at the finish, I am sure that I could have ran a 5:20 or maybe a bit quicker if I had got everything right. Still,  was very happy with a 5:34 and what turned out tone 18th place out of 97 finishers. All in all my race results are going in the right direction!

Special thanks go to Louise and Stuart Kelman for being awesome supporters on the day and for getting up at 3am on their days off! Thanks also to The Speyside Way Ultra for putting on a great race and to all the volunteers at CP’s, water stations, turns etc. Thanks.

My next race is the biggy: Equinox 24 Hour 2014.

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18 Aug 2014 Morzine/Avoriaz it’s been great

18 Aug 2014
Morzine/Avoriaz it’s been great

So I’m into my last few days in Morzine.  This has been the training groups training base since the 1st of June, so after 10 weeks it sort of feels like home.  It’s an awesome place at just over 1,000m Morzine is in a valley surrounded by tall mountains.  Most of the training group spent a little time at altitude, just up the mountain at 1,800m in Avoriaz.

Morzine is in the Northern French Alps, only 90mins from Geneva.  It’s a super place for training.  We’ve have the wettest summer here for many years (according to the locals), but a wee splash of rain does the trick to cool you down and compared to Ireland…. Well this place is like the Sahara desert.

I’ve clocked up a few miles since driving to Morzine with Aileen post London WTS.  In fact in total in the past 10 weeks I’ve drove just shy of 5,000miles (8,000km).  Most of this was done driving from Avoriaz to Morzine for training most days, or going to the track in Thonon les Bains, but I have cris crossed Europe for races also.  I’ll leave my car in Morzine for the next block of training/races then when the season is finished in late October have a relaxed road trip back to Ireland.

Since being posted here in Morzine 10 weeks ago I’ve raced 6 times.
2nd Bardolino, An Italian development race
16th Kitzbuhel European Triathlon Champs
(Drove to Hamburg  WTS but ended up 1st on the wait list, enjoyable 26hr round drive on autobahn)
12th Commonwealth Games Mens race
6th Commonwealth Games Team Relay
5th Tiszaujvaros WC Semi final 1
19th Tiszaujvaros WC Final

So the next 10 week block of training/racing will be an exciting stint.
The plan outlined (which will change towards the end of the season) because nothing is ever set in stone, but for now includes;
23rd Aug Stockholm Sprint WTS
30th Aug Edmonton Olympic WTS Grand Final
(Month of September I’ll be in Boulder, Colorado on a training camp)
11th Sept Las Vegas Super Sprint
3rd Oct Cozumel Sprint WC
10th Oct Cartagena Olympic WC
18th Oct Tongyeong Olympic WC
Back to Morzine to road trip it back to Ireland

So that’s the story, last 2 days of training in Morzine then we all fly to Stockholm for the race this weekend.

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13 Aug 2014 19th Tiszaurjvaros World Cup

13 Aug 2014
19th Tiszaurjvaros World Cup

If Carlsberg did World Cup Triathlon races… But if they did… TizzyWC.

It was my second time in Tizzy (as it is affectionately abbreviated to), and an amazing experience it is. Tizzy is in Hungary about 180km east of Budapest.  It’s a Sprint Triathlon World Cup but it is held in an eliminator format, semi finals on the Saturday and finals on the Sunday.

In the men’s race there were 3 semi finals with 30 men in each and the top 10 men in each semi went through to the final the next day.  I qualified in 5th place in my semi final, it was hard and fast but the key was qualifying for the finals but not to blow too much energy for the finals only 24hrs later.  I had a solid semi final doing all the basics right and qualifying comfortably.  On the Saturday there were about 15 races in all with Junior and age group races along with age group races taking place.

So Saturday evening was all about recovery and getting the body back to decent shape before the real show down in the final the next day (Sunday at 5pm).  I slept badly in the Saturday night after the race, as most probably did with the adrenaline still pumping and the humid conditions in Tizzy.  Next morning it was 30 degrees celcius by 9am and getting hotter, with our race at 5pm it was going to be a scorcher.  I did a 30min run with stretches and run drills to loosen up that morning then kept out if the heat and relaxed for most of the morning.

Pre race was the mortal routine 20min build cycle, 20min build swim.  I felt great and was ready to do a real good job in the race, then 15mins pre race, just a I was exiting the water after my swim warm up I stepped on a broken bottle that was submerged in the water, and my foot started pissing blood.  This was not good, it took about 10mins with a medic compressing my foot tightly for the blood flow to subside.  The rest of the guys were lining up for their pontoon call and I was lying on the ground with 3 medics seeing to the gash in my foot.

All said and done, the medics eventually wrapped my foot up in bandages and they advised me not to start the race as I’ve lost a lot of blood, (to be fair to the medics they had a point, there were pools of blood around where I was lying).  But I had a quick think, I was in too good a shape just to pull out, the medics had done a great job wrapping my foot, I stood up, took 2 energy gels as I was a bit dizzy for all the excitement of the cut, done a few hops, the bandages held in place and I said to myself I’ll give it a go anyway.


I was a bit dizzy again on the run down to the pontoon, but felt grand otherwise.  The gun shot and off we went , 3*250m laps, first turn buoy 115m away, I had a terrible start and got pumped round the first buoy.

See this vine of the turn buoy, I’m the guy dunked twice near the back, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, if I’d have swam faster this would not have happened.

So I exited the water way down in the 3rd pack, in fact 20 secs slower than my swim time in the semi finals.  We got a small group working together and held the 2nd pack at 15secs for 18km and then closed them down eventually with 1km to go, our group didn’t work very well together but we got there eventually, I hit T2 7secs down on the leaders, significant amount of time lost but even more so a lot of extra unnecessary effort wasted on the bike.

I ran reasonably fast to finish in 19th but my technique was shocking and I wasn’t holding good form even if I was trying, may be because I was red lined from the work on the bike, or my foot had started leaking more blood on the run or I just wasn’t strong enough… Or a combination of them all.  All in all a great race and very enjoyable and a good time had by all.

I’m sure I’ll be back to race Tizzy some time again, give it a go, highly recommended.

Final men’s results, ITU race report and race results;

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4th August 2014 2nd half of the season

4th August 2014
2nd half of the season

The Commonwealth Games were my main goal for the first half of 2014.  I did a decent job at preparing and racing there with 12th in the individual race and 6th in the team relay.  I didn’t hang around for too long in Glasgow after racing, a few days recovery in the athletes village and watching other the best swimmers and runners in the world in Tollcross pool and Hampden Park, then back to my training camp in the French Alps.

I got back into the swing of a good training block a few days after racing in Glasgow.  I’ve got some real important races coming up, probably 6/7 races in the second half of the season most of high will help towards Olympic qualifying.

For August I have the Tiszaujvaros Sprint Wold Cup on 8/9th Aug, this is a heats and finals format race, and is one of the most exciting races on the circuit.  Then I have the Stockholm Sprint WTS race on 23rd August then the French Grand Prix D2 finale in Cognac on 30th August (the home of my French Grand Prix team, “Team Charentes”)

September will mostly be a training month for me I will plan to get a 3 week solid block of training done.  I will either be based in Leicester or Boulder Colorado with my training squad, depending on which races I do.  Then race 2/3 World Cup races to finish the season sometime in mid October.

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28th July 2014 Commonwealth Games Glasgow

28th July 2014
Commonwealth Games Glasgow

Well that was one hell of a week in Glasgow.  I’m currently on the plane on route to Geneva to join up with my training squad again.  That week went so fast and what a week it was.  Some words that summarise the experience for me in no particular order…

Triathlon, Strathclyde Park, Avonbridge Hotel, Super Sprint Relay, Tropical conditions, non wetsuit swim, Beef and Chicken Fajitas, de branding kit, Tollcross Swimming pool, 1,500m freestyle, Hampden Park stadium, 5km finals, anti doping, new Irish kit, super friendly CWG staff, fast swimming, hard hill, serious security, athletes dining hall, Bamboos night club, athletes village, family and friends, Revolution, #TeamNI… Etc…etc.

Here is a wee run down of the week.

Monday 21st July
-Morning run drills in Morzine with Aileen and Jodie
-Drive to Geneva airport
-Fly to Edinburgh with Aileen and Jodie on Easyjet… Long checkin queues
-Arrive in Scotland, transferred to team base by Debbie, Avonbridge Hotel, beside Strathclyde Park
-Cycle race course, dinner with N.Irish Triathlon team, bed.

Tuesday 22nd July
-Relaxed morning, lazy breakfast
-SBR easy course familiarisations and briefings, pontoon draw.
-check all kit is race legal, physio flush out
-Team meeting about all logistics around race, dinner bed.

Wednesday 23rd July
-Early morning bike ride and run
-breakfast/chill/prepare race kit
-Lunch time swim, activation and usual race warm up.
-Physio flush out, dinner, watch opening ceremony on TV, bed.

Thursday 24th July RACE DAY 3pm (1.5k swim, 40km bike, 10km run)

-Run drills and jog early, super relaxed breakfast.
-Final race kit check
-Usual race build up, nutrition, music, stretching, getting into the zone, watch ladies race on TV
-to race site at 12noon with team mates Russell and Harry
-watch the final few KMs of the ladies run, Jodie… Gold, Aileen 6th, burnt up a few adrenaline hits from the excitement of watching/shouting at them, Awesome stuff ladies!
-1.30pm transition opens, 20min bike warm up, 20min swim warm up, get set in Athletes lounge.
-3pm and we’re off. Fast swim, hard bike, brutal heat for Scottish Standards, hard 10km run! finish 12th, satisfied.
-Randomly selected for drug testing, 2hrs straight after crossing the line, missed all family and friends.
-physio flush out that night, bed at 2am… Watched TV coverage from race.

Full race results – http://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2014_glasgow_commonwealth_games/268733
Triathlon Ireland report -

Friday 25th July
-7am Breakfast with newspaper, great to relax over breakfast.
-9am Team relay briefing, S/B/R course familiarisations
-lunch at 1pm
-3hrs relaxing, Physio flush out
-diner, team relay meeting with Tommy getting us all super pumped up, bed at 10pm

Saturday 26th July RACE DAY (Team Relay) 12.30pm 4*(300m swim, 6km bike, 1.6km run)

-morning run drills and jog
-relaxed Breakfast
-to race venue at 10am, really pumped but more enjoyable build up than individual race
-normal warm ups, race order Aileen, Conor, Eimear, Russell.
-Aileen finishes to tag me in lead pack, swim, bike and run probably harder than I’ve ever done.

-I finish in 3rd place, 3 secs behind 2nd place.
-We finish in 6th place great performance from N.Ireland’s team relay team.
-catch up with my parents and friends and family for 30mins pre going to athletes village.
-Village is awesome, party with all the triathletes, family and friends in Bamboo in Glasgow City centre… Loooong night, great Craic.

Full race results -
Triathlon Ireland report -

Sunday 27th July
-physio flush out
-track athletics, 5km final, explore athletes village
-final triathlon meeting

Monday 28th July
-watch 1,500m swim heats at Tollcross pool
-pack for leaving
-Travel to Edinburgh airport, fly to Geneva, drive 2 hours to Avoriaz, back to normal training tomorrow.

The Commonwealth Games are Awesome!

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Running analysis

I recently had my run analysis done by local Leicestershire Company; Runners High. The company is headed by Terry Withington and based in Hinckley (full details provided below).  Terry offered me the opportunity to participate in an analysis and I enthusiastically jumped at the chance knowing how relevant this knowledge would be for my continuing efforts in triathlon racing.

The website for Runners High can be found at the following link and provides a breakdown of the different services offered:


This blog is my account of my own experience under Terry’s expert guidance.

Terry’s premises are easy to find and boasts free car parking, happy customer so far, check!

Every runner is unique, I am sure Terry would agree with me on that 100%, I have been working hard for over a year now on improving my posture with a specialist biomechanist following a serious knock to my structure. The need for this arose when I was sent flying off my bike last year by a car; which messed up my alignment significantly and has been the root cause of a number of issues I now face when running.

The analysis with Terry did not take more than 10 minutes, and was designed to force me; the runner into what I would do naturally by pushing the limits past comfortable but not to become uncomfortable.

Terry took video footage from behind and from the side whilst I was walking at 6.0kph and running at 10kph.

After the analysis Terry and I were chatting about certain aspects of my posture and discussing how I could go about making some changes which would certainly improve my running efficiency. Terry kept the information concise and simple, allowing me to understand how to apply what I needed to do.

After a few days I received a full analysis report which I have included here as a sample of what to expect:

RH Athlete Report – Nic Rossell

Terry was incredibly friendly, made me feel very comfortable and provided me with a comprehensive breakdown of technique and relevant action points.

I would highly recommend Terry at Runners High to anyone interested in their technique and how to improve for faster and more efficient running.

Terry is also leading some beginners running groups in the Hinckley locality, so please contact him if you are interested in getting started with running. All abilities can be catered for, or sign posted to suitable groups/clubs.

Contact Terry –

Sparkenhoe House

Southfield Road,

Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 1UB

Telephone – 0752 7142169

Follow Runners High on Twitter – @Runners_High_UK

Follow Runners High on Facebook - www.facebook.com/runnershighuk

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Thursday 24th July, 9.30am Female race, 3pm Male race

Saturday 26th July 12.30 Mixed relay

I’m ranked number 17 for the men’s race I aim to beat this ranking with my finishing place.

Start list

Race Preview

I’ll update you all when I arrive in Glasgow.

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21st July 2014 On route GLASGOW 2014

21st July 2014

On route GLASGOW 2014

This morning I complete my last run session then fly from Geneva to Glasgow.  I’ve been doing some solid training here in Morzine and Avoriaz (1,800m altitude).  The past few weeks I’ve been on the limit, (where you should be to improve by the best percentages) and have doing the basic sensible things to stay healthy and to recovery the most effectively from all training sessions.

In Darren’s Squad there are 3 of us competing in Glasgow this week, my Irish team mate Aileen Reid, Jodie Stimpson (GBR) and I.

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